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Every successful individual has had the guidance of a coach, whether it be a trusted partner, a supportive friend, a wise mentor, or a professionally trained coach. Imagine having a dedicated ally by your side, someone who will push you to reach your full potential and overcome any obstacles in your path.

Sunny Adjodha
Founder, Soulucian Coaching

Why Coaching?

Whether you know it or not everyone needs a coach. To the most part, everyone does have one. The question is why not have a trained professional to get you there.


Ever wondered what has been stopping you


Reach places you never thought you could


Only because the brakes are off now.


Ever wonder what you having full control over your life and finding your balance.

Sunny and I worked together for a bit. From difficult transition, she was able to help me get to what felt like my dream job. We worked through the interview process have gotten every role I went for. I quote
_Andrew,Front-end Developer
IMG_20201030_164301_854 (1)
I was referred to Sunny by a friend. I have been painting for a minute but needed to take the next step. We talked it through and I came up with potential options. When I couldn’t find the resources to
Lovely personality, engaging and relatable coach. Really focusing on the key strengths of the coachee and enabling them to see beyond their barriers/ limitations.
_John Doe,Art director
WOW, I’m so happy I had Sunny as a coach. I was put at ease with comfort from the get-go. I felt I’d known Sunny for years. Sunny has fantastic tools, that worked amazingly in supporting me in what my
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